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Invited Talks and Plenary Presentations

2018 County of Los Angeles Department of Human Resources Keynote Remarks, Executive Leadership Development Program Cohorts 20 & 21 Graduation Reception
2016 City of Long Beach Civic Innovation Summit “Southern California’s Civic Innovation Ecosystem: A First Look from UCLA Luskin”
2016 Gus & Libby Solomon Lecture, Portland State University “From Jewish Interests to Jewish Values: American Jewish Politics in the 21st Century”
2014 Shalom Hartman Institute of North America “Lost and Found in the Interstitial: Locating Religion in the 21st Century”
2014 Nexus Youth Summit / United Nations “Connected to Give: Strategies for a Not-so-new Century”
2013 Jewish Futures (JESNA and the Jewish Education Project) Jewish Futures Los Angeles Conference— “Creating the Future of Complementary Education: It Takes a Community”
2012 Muslim Jewish Conference Muslim Jewish Conference 2012
2012 The White House Faith-Based Social Innovators Conference
2012 Jewish Federations of North America National Young Leadership – Leadership Development Institute “Staking Your Claim to the Jewish Future”
2012 UCLA Center for Jewish Studies symposium on “Looking for Judaism in [Un]Conventional Places” “Cactus Flowers: What Innovation in Los Angeles Tells Us about the Future of Organized Jewish Life”
2010 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Ambassadors Circle Symposium “‘Start-up Continent’: How Jewish innovation & social entrepreneurship are building a European Jewish future”
2010 Association for Jewish Studies “Reorganizing the American Jewish community: What can changes in the American philanthropic/nonprofit sector tell us about Judaism and Jewish life?”
2010 Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly “Successors, separatists or stakeholders: innovators, federations, and the North American Jewish future”
2010 4th Pan European Conference of JCCs, Jewish Communities and Jewish Organisations “Innovation in Europe”
2009 Northern California Grantmakers / The Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties / The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund / The Walter and Elise Haas Fund / The Koret Foundation “Stepping Into New Territory: Rethinking Social Enterprise”
2009 The Samuel Bronfman Foundation / The Natan Fund / The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles The 2008 Survey of New Jewish Organizations (two presentations in New York and Los Angeles)
2008 Shanghai University, China International Conference on “Globalization, Values, and Pluralism” and Seminar on “Religion and Society”
2008 Institute for Reform Zionism 2008 Think Tank
2006 California State University, Long Beach / Long Beach Jewish Community Center "The Emerging Paradigm: Trends and Transformations in 21st Century American Jewish Religious Life"
2006 Center for Jewish Studies, University of California, Los Angeles—Seminar on the Los Angeles Jewish Experience “Religion After Secularization: The Liturgical Lives of Generation X Jews in Los Angeles”
2000 European Association of Social Anthropologists Plenary presentation: “Being (in) the field: defining ethnography in Southern California and Central Slovakia”
1999 Hungarian Political Science Association “Slovakia and/or Europe: from transitional to transnational identity”
1999 University of Oxford—Faculty of History—Seminar on East Central Europe, nineteenth and twentieth centuries “When European pasts cloud European futures: Slovakia since 1848”
1998 American Academy of Religion International Symposium on “Religion, state and society in Eastern Europe” “The ritual production of society”
1996 Association for the Study of Nationalities—Young Scholars Workshop “‘We do not know how to pray....’: ways of being Jewish in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia”
1995 USA Today All-USA College Academic First Team awards ceremony “Accomplishment, diversity, and responsibility”
1994 Association for Religion in Intellectual Life—11th Annual Consultation “If not now, when? Reflections on moral discourse and twentysomething values”
1994 Baccalaureate service, Columbia University

Plenary Panels

Facilitated Sessions

2016 The White House Nexus USA Summit - "Civic Engagement" session
2015 Future of Cities Leading in LA Summit
2014 County of Los Angeles 12th Leadership Conference
2014 The White House Summit on Next-Generation Philanthropy and Impact Investing - “Revitalizing Cities” session
2012 UCLA Morris & Mae Gelb Forum “Scholarship, Religion, Activism: Past Relations, Future Prospects”
2009 Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly “The Jewish innovation ecosystem: how social entrepreneurship can transform communities”

Other Events

2009 The Jewish Week / Center for Leadership Initiatives The Conversation 2009 Invited Participant
2005 American Jewish Committee / United States Conference of Catholic Bishops “Covenant in the 21st century: a Catholic-Jewish celebration of Nostra aetate” Invited "Key Participant"
2002 Getty Research Institute—Workshop on “Sacred Images in the City” “Public art as sacred space: Asian American community murals in Los Angeles” Invited Participant
2001 Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies The Foundry Initiative: Scenario Workshop (“to construct scenarios of the future of identity, belonging, and community in the United States, and more specifically for being Jewish and the organized Jewish community”) Invited Participant
1992 Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education, Committee on Education and Labor, U.S. House of Representatives Federal College Work-Study Program; Income-contingent loans Congressional Witness
1991 Subcommittee on Education, Training, and Employment, Committee on Veterans Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives Student aid to Persian Gulf War veterans Congressional Witness