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Santa Monica Daily Press | September 6, 2018

I posted about how much I loved the movie “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” (on Netflix), and Santa Monica civic leader Shawn Landres asked whether I knew that the film’s producer Paula Mazur is a local. I didn’t, but he connected us and I’m delighted that he did.

Shawn Landres Appointed Santa Monica Planning Commissioner

Santa Monica Observer | August 16, 2018

The City Council appointed Shawn Landres to the Planning Commission at its meeting on August 14th.

Eric Garcetti Is the Anti-Trump, Pro–Star Wars Man We Need

GQ | June 12, 2018

“I can’t say that this is someone who had his eye on the White House from the get-go,” said Shawn Landres, a high school friend who served on the Columbia College Student Council with Garcetti and now chairs a government-performance commission for the County of Los Angeles. “But this is someone I always knew would be a problem-solver for the public good. The question was how was he going to do that?”

Moving & Shaking

Jewish Journal | September 14, 2017

Religious and community leaders gathered at Mishkon Tephilo Synagogue in Venice on Aug. 24 to discuss strategies to prevent and end homelessness. …The event drew about 140 guests and community and civic leaders, including Ted Winterer, mayor of Santa Monica; Va Lecia Adams Kellum, president and CEO of the St. Joseph Center; and Shawn Landres, chair of the City of Santa Monica Social Services Commission and chair of the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission.

Why It’s Moral To Defy Trump’s Immoral Crackdown On Immigrants

Forward | March 6, 2017

As my friend Shawn Landres, co-editor of Religion, Violence, Memory and Place, put it, they are creating a Jewish ‘Overton Window’: a bounded space where trans-partisan agreement is possible. We may disagree on whether there should be a path to citizenship, for example. But we agree that it isn’t pro-family to tear families apart.

Broad-based L.A. Jewish coalition forms to respond to Trump actions

Jewish Journal | February 28, 2017

The other [organizing] committee members are former L.A. Congressman Mel Levine, civics scholar and social entrepreneur Shawn Landres, UCLA Jewish history professor David Myers, political consultant Dan Loeterman and attorney Janice Kamenir-Reznik.

Moving & Shaking

Jewish Journal | February 2, 2017

Shawn Landres, co-founder of Jumpstart Labs, a Los Angeles-based incubator of Jewish innovation, in December was elected chair of the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission (QPC), which oversees the nation’s oldest and largest local government innovation fund.

Locals can provide free money

Santa Monica Daily Press | February 13, 2017

Santa Monica’s Social Services Commission chair believes the City could see a significant portion of that money.

“It has been really unrelenting in terms of across the county seeing the rise in the number of women and children who are homeless,” Landres said. “It’s just unacceptable. A rise in the number of seniors who are homeless is unacceptable.”

“It’s holding up a mirror to all of us in Los Angeles County and saying, ‘what kind of a society are we?’”

The Future of Santa Monica Airport

KCRW | January 31, 2017

“I …look forward to the City now having the time and the energy to turn its attention to the many many many other challenges and opportunities before us.”

LA County Chair of Quality and Productivity Commission

Santa Monica Mirror | January 20, 2017

Santa Monica’s Shawn Landres has been elected chair of the Los Angeles County Quality & Productivity Commission, which oversees the nation’s oldest and largest local government innovation fund. …He is the youngest commission chair in nearly two decades. 

Santa Monica Backs County Sales Tax for Homeless Services

Santa Monica Lookout | December 12, 2016

The council heard from Shawn Landres, who serves on the City’s Social Services Commission. He called the measure “vital.”

Landres said, “We as a City have invested so much to combat homelessness and to prevent homelessness. It’s time that other jurisdictions step up.”

Although homelessness has long been an issue in Santa Monica, the City has greatly reduced the population by coordinating with local nonprofit groups.

Living on Less to Give More

live happy | November 1, 2016

Shawn Landres, Ph.D., co-founder of Jumpstart, a Los Angeles think tank known for its research into charitable giving, says …”We do know that there are people with resources who are now choosing to give to a charity rather than buy that extra boat or that $5,000 case of Champagne.

“There’s also a generational style that has people choosing to live more intentionally,” he adds. “They’re no longer doing the pledged giving that our parents did.” Instead, Shawn says, they’re doing things like crowd-funding or forming a “giving circle,” in which one person will, instead of writing a single check for $100, bring together a group of friends, neighbors, co-workers and the like to collectively write a check for $1,000.

Study: L.A.’s Wealthy Give $1 Billion Less a Year to Charity Post-Recession

The Hollywood Reporter | August 18, 2016

“It’s tempting [to set up your own nonprofit] because you have an idea and the resources to back it, but what happens in three years? Ultimately it’s going to struggle because the cost of operating one small nonprofit is proportionally higher than operating a big nonprofit,” says Landres. Instead, he recommends setting up a donor-advised fund: “You get the brand impact, but you lend your name and funds to the best organizations in the field.”

Charitable giving in LA County down $1 billion

UCLA Newsroom | Jun 6, 2016

The report was drawn from a research project developed by Bill Parent, a lecturer in public policy, and urban planning professor Paul Ong. The primary authors of the report are Luskin Civil Society Fellow J. Shawn Landres and Shakari Byerly.

Charitable Giving in Los Angeles Declines Considerably as Big Dollars Go Elsewhere

The Nonprofit Quarterly (blog) | Jun 6, 2016
By Larry Kaplan

It combines IRS data with a survey of 1,200 residents conducted by the study’s authors, J. Shawn Landres and Shakari Byerly, who wrote it with support from faculty and staff at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs’ Center for Neighborhood Knowledge.

L.A. residents giving significantly less to charity, study finds

Los Angeles Times | Jun 3, 2016
By Alice Walton

Charities can educate donors through seminars but the best recruiters are often other donors, particularly those who give through estate planning, said Shawn Landres, a UCLA Luskin School Civil Society Fellow and co-author of the study.

The Generosity Gap: Why charitable giving is down in LA county

KPCC – Take Two | Jun 3, 2016

Shawn Landres, one of the report’s authors, joined the show to discuss the reports findings including how charitable giving in L.A. County is down by $1 billion since 2006 – and those with higher incomes who could donate more, aren’t doing so.

YWCA closure sends ripples of sadness

Santa Monica Mirror | June 10, 2016
By Mirror Staff

“I am saddened and disappointed by the close but not surprised,” said Shawn Landres, commissioner and chair for the social services commission of Santa Monica. “Contributions to Los Angeles-area nonprofits still have not returned to their pre-recession levels and it’s ever more difficult for organizations like the YWCA to sustain the levels of support they need to survive and thrive.”

Council greenlights exploration of new rent subsidies

Santa Monica Daily Press | May 14, 2016
By Matthew Hall

Shawn Landres, Chair of the city’s Social Services Commission, was the lone speaker to make it to the midnight discussion. He said the specific concept of rent subsidies is worthy but said it should be part of a larger discussion about the needs of at-risk residents.

“I strongly support this direction although I do understand it to be something that could happen in the context of the broader strategic directive,” he said.

US Secretary Foxx: Our Transit Systems Need Investment & Transformation

The Planning Report | March 25, 2016

Shawn Landres: Could you speak to the nexus of transit investment and access to affordable housing?

Anthony Foxx: We used to think that you use transportation to go from your doorstep to opportunity. When transit is done right, it actually brings opportunity to people’s doorsteps.

But if you haven’t developed a good land-use plan when you’re doing infill transit, and you haven’t thought about the growth pressures that come with that transit investment, values can go up and the folks who have been there for years can get pushed out.

That’s why communities with inclusionary zoning ordinances and those making effective use of affordable-housing incentives along transit lines have a better chance of creating the sustainability that’s necessary over the long term.

Santa Monica’s Social Services Commission supports ‘ban the box’

Santa Monica Daily Press | January 27, 2016
By Jennifer Maas

Landres concluded that the ordinance is a value, as much as it is a piece of legislation.

“It’s about who we are as a city,” Landres said.

Moving and Shaking: Shawn Landres receives NextGen Award, ADL honors philanthropists and Moshe Willner speaks at IEEE

Jewish Journal | Sep. 24, 2013
By Ryan Torok

Jewish-innovation advocate Shawn Landres praised the Liberty Hill Foundation when the social change organization named him the recipient of its 2013 NextGen Award during its recent Change L.A. ceremony, but he could have just as easily been speaking about the diversity of the city he calls home.

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I was honored to help celebrate Climate Resolve Executive Jonathan Parfrey, recipient of the 2016 Los Angeles County Green Leadership Chair Award.

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